Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hello folks, long time, no post!  Re-entry to life in Portland , OR took a little doing. I returned to no job and no home, and had to figure out what to do next.  A dear friend and fellow salon worker offered me housing thru the winter, while I pounded the pavement looking for work. A mutual friend of ours was starting up a new salon in SE Portland, and asked if I wanted to give it one more shot.  So, in March I found an apartment back in my original building, but in a different unit, and began at Absolutely You Salon on 47th and Belmont.  It's still somewhat recessional around here, and paying for extra hair service and buying art does not seem to be a priority right now, so it's a bit of a struggle.  I have had some recent painting sales, and made strides in joining regional art associations, and launching my new website; www.donlonsbrough.com. So hey..on we go, check out the site, and if you are in Portland, come see me at Absolutely You Salon! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

So Long, England

Imagine my horror, when returning to England after a nice Christmas visit at home, I was stopped at the UK Border, and refused entry!  It was due to an insufficient extended stay work visa.  We thought that a 6 mo passport was enough, but apparently not so. It was a rude and invasive holding time at customs, and I was given 12 hours to go home to my Farncombe Family, gather my things and leave on the 1st plane in the morning.  A tearful dinner and breakfast, a mad dash to collect my things, sad farewells, and I was back to the airport and on my way to San Francisco.  Just in shock and not sure of the immediate future, I ultimately feel that I am being re-directed once more. The time I had with Crossroads was rich and meaningful, and I've established friendships and connections that I hope will continue despite logistics ,for a long time to come.  Now is the task to re-establish myself in Portland. I intend to concentrate on my art and see where it takes me. Thank you all for your interest and support, will try and keep you posted on upcoming events that may be of interest. Happy New Year to all

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

End of First Three Months In England

As I prepare for my departure from England for now, we are blanketed in white, and I leave my little village of Godalming and friends at Crossroads House until the first week in January. Will miss sharing some of the season with them, but looking forward to some warm moments with family and friends in Portland and California A very warm and happy Christmas season to you all. Will be in touch! Love, Don.

Hampton Court Palace

Along with seeing Billy Elliot, my host, Mark treated me to a tour of King Henry the 8th's palace, situated on the outskirts of London on the Thames. Whoah, dude!!!  Talk about opulent, they sointenly had high opinions of themselves!  We toured all of the magnificant grounds and rooms..but in the end...everyone has to go potty!! Heee Heee

Billy Elliot

Imagine my thrill at seeing a West End Show in London! This show was fantastic, one of the best I've seen in recent years. It has a wonderful combination of many of the things I love, ballet, tap dancing, British vaudeville humor, and a compelling drama, with a great message...you go Elton John!! Oh, that I was 12 years old again...I would have chewed up the scenery in that one!